With thanks to Sarah Newton, Jimmy Beech, Joe Payne, Rebecca Faulk, Christopher Nieto, Jeff Kolbfleisch and Ashley Bromirski on hair and make-up.

A special thank you goes to the Raleigh Little Theatre.

My retouching workflow is shown in detail here

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  1. Yulia reply

    Just saw this! Beautifully shot and edited ! <3

  2. Mr K reply

    This is an awesome shoot, love the work, setting and colour are fantastic!

  3. Michelle Rose reply

    Wow ……. beautiful …. You rock Felix !!!!!

  4. Lily reply

    I love this shoot felix!!! Pls try and do more like this! Do you have any behind the scenes clips? Hope you are having a great day!! Xx

  5. Moustafa reply

    Keep it up the good work, love the color process awesome Felix.

  6. Kristina Houser reply

    This shoot is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I adore the elegance of the second image! and the processing/colors are stunning. Big fan.

  7. Larry Jaffe reply

    Felix you are an aesthetic genius. Having been shot by you, I can speak from experience about how well you interact with the subject being shot. Great job my friend.

  8. Danan Coleman reply

    I love your photography Felix! I also like it when you place a camera in the background and record some parts of your sessions. Really awesome.

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