Before going behind the scenes, be sure to check out the

Presenting Pete Reed with his cover at the iconic London camera shop ‘Grays of Westminster’ with Nikon Owner Magazine Editor Gray Levett

All behind the scenes photographs by

notice Leander’s distinctive ‘Pink Hippo’

trying to balance on an icy platform going down the river while avoiding toppling Pete into the water and shooting at the same time – challenging

This is as close as we were able to get to the bridge without being overwhelmed by the current.

This is when we were shooting the cover. You can still see the frost and notice my jacket is wet from lying on the floor to shoot Pete

Mark Gibson on video, Krishan (stylist) and Sam (Hair/Make-up)

I was so close to Pete, we’re both sitting in a tiny row boat

Shooting Pete shooting me

Experimentations with dry ice at

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