The Festival Annual ’11 book features a front cover by yours truly. It was taken during a particularly rowdy day at Reading Music Festival in August.

I shot the Glastonbury Festival and Reading Music Festival for Festival Annual this year, both of which are now a chapter in this amazing documentation of festival culture. This is the kind of book that is going to be cherished more and more with each passing generation. Mark my words!

I’ve included some of my favorite images from Reading Music Festival. For the rest, you’ll have to head over to the Festival Annual Facebook page and buy the book. If you ‘like’ the page, you’ll get a discount coupon for the book. It’s available for sale at the end of October 2011.

The demographic of Reading Music Festival is mostly middle class teenagers, who use the weekend to have a lot of (sometimes too much) fun. The group below are the guys who also ended up on the front cover on the book. I ran from one end of the site to the other to capture the malarky.

Tommy, Ashley, Max and the rest of the boys started bugging me pretty much the minute I left the festival and were hoping for the cover. They were duly rewarded. They also have a large spread in the book. The experience of shooting for Festival Annual is fairly interactive. I hand out cards all weekend, and most of the people I photograph end up interacting on the Festival Annual Facebook site. In a way, that makes it an even more rewarding experience.

Go ahead and ‘like’ the Festival Annual facebook page for more. Or follow my photo updates on my facebook page.

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  1. bravochild reply

    Nice captures my friend, it’s fun to see people allowed to indulge in being raucous and jubilant. The festival was the setting but you also let them be so in your lens!

  2. Grace Royall reply

    Absolutely fantastic shots Felix, I think my favourite has to be the cat and runDMC teenagers.

  3. Gill Bustamante reply

    Great pictures Felix – love the guy on the trampoline thing – remind me not to ever go there though… Gill X

  4. Brook reply

    Wow, that guy’s ass is hairy!!! Love the last shot, really captures the moment.

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