Famous Photographers – Annie Leibovitz – Felix Kunze – Mario Testino – New York

What defines a famous photographer? Is it defined as a lifetime of work that has transcended to an art form of it’s very own? What makes for a famous photographer? Is it how many likes your facebook page has? Your integrity and how you respond to daily challenges in your professional life? Or is it simply just how much money you have made in your career? The definition of what constitutes a famous photographer varies so much from one person to the next. Success relies as much on the intended audiences acceptance of ones medium, just as much as that same success relies on the artist themselves?

Is setting out to become famous as a photographer, how some of the most well known photographers actually arrived to that status? Probably not. Usually, those who set out to do something for the pure purpose of recognition rarely achieve the status they so desperately crave. True success comes through the genuine love of ones work, and the recognition of that body of work from the artists audience, which is received with feeling of genuine passion.

It seems in this modern era we live today, that many photographer start out with lofty goals of fame and riches cemented in their imagination. This mentality is in error. True success and a sense of achievement starts from within.

A proper message to young photographers today who wish to emulate the likes and success of great photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino, is to focus on being yourself, not the next Annie. Find your own voice, and people will listen. Do what you love and success will follow.

Great photographers never set out to seek fame. The set out to always evolve as an artist and satisfy their soul. That is the mark of a true famous photographer. One that never stops evolving.