I was hired on a dream assignment – to shoot Glastonbury Festival. But not to shoot music or stage performances, but atmosphere around the festival. The dream lasted until around the third hour of fighting, yes FIGHTING with the mud. I was shooting for the great guys over at Festival Annual.

Glastonbury is conceivably the largest rock music festival on earth. 175,000 people went this year. It’s the largest single purpose site I’ve ever seen for anything. Considering that many cities in UK are smaller than 175,000 people, it’s quite something. Glastonbury is a messy, wonderful temporary city. Everyone is there to have a good time. And the atmosphere is amazing.

But Glastonbury really is so much more than a music festival. It is a celebration of culture savoured like no other.

Like this little disco tent with funky light, you find these little places all over the site.

And people just hanging out on a hill overlooking the site at sunset

The site is entirely eclectic, from chill-out areas.

Charming camp sites…

Kid’s play areas


…and even a dry cinema for the small and big kids.

Of course one of the big challenges is the mud. The ground at Glastonbury is made of clay, which turns into a very sticky mud that literally pulls the shoes off people’s feet.

Resulting in lovely scenes like the ‘Wellie Graveyard), the place protective footwear goes to die.

Just a bit of toilet atmosphere…

Glastonbury also has some very established night life. Because of the distance from any large urban population, curfews aren’t quite the same.

The party lasts all night. 

Even in some of the clubs, like ‘Fish and Tits’ in the Shangri-La area. Pole dancers and all sorts. 

Or Downlow NYC, a retro gay club which is part of the ‘party area’, Block 9. 

But Glastonbury wouldn’t be Glasto without all the performance art. The ‘Spider’ show at the Arcadia field attracts a lot of attention.

The Pyramid stage during U2′s set.

The end!

To see more, head over to the Festival Annual Facebook page. My images will be part of their annual book documenting festival culture. It will be out in the Autumn.

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  1. Mats reply

    I’d say you did your job well. I don’t know why i got the impression you were a fashion photographer – from Creativelive maybe.

  2. Viola reply

    Wow, tolle Fotos Felix! Wirklich großartig!

  3. Sasha reply

    dude, awesome coverage! next time take me with ya! :)

  4. Sebastian reply

    Love the welly shot :)

    And the bathroom shot!

    Nicely done.

  5. Michelle Rose reply

    Amazing work Felix… always wanted to go to Glastonbury and never had the chance but feel I have lived it through your eyes… excited about your next adventures whatever they may be, Michelle

  6. Michelle Rose reply

    Amazing work Felix… I have never had the chance to go to Glastonbury… but through your shots I feel like I have lived it through your eyes… Love your work so far and looking forward to seeing what new adventures lye ahead for you :)

  7. Phil Dudman reply

    Summed it up perfectly mate. Cracking photos. Glad we crossed paths. pd

  8. Conny Brandt reply

    Just totally wonderful. It all there; atmosphere, joy, and the feeling of a festival.

  9. Lisa reply

    Awesome as always – good job Felix!!
    ML, lisa

  10. Katy Newell reply

    As usual you are the coolest of the cool my friend.

    I have just ‘been there’, felt the mud, the vibe and tasted the whole thing and all because of you.

    Thanks for that. xx

  11. marie-jo vos reply







  12. marta reply

    that’s awesome felix!!! must go there next year!!!

  13. Clair Hebblewhite-Lake reply

    WOW!!! Wonderful photos – I really got a sense of Glasto – great work :D x

  14. Johan Heemskerk reply

    Wow Felix, you did it again, very mood uplifting watching your pictures

  15. John Wood reply

    Lots of the usual ‘Felix Magic’ in those shots. Looks like you’ve captured the essence of the festival as you do with everything you photograph! I went to the Download Festival last month which was great, but it doesn’t have anything like the character and muddy charm that Glastonbury has. I went there to see your old chums Alter Bridge who were amazing. BTW, AB are soon headlining an Arena tour that will include Wembley (29 Nov 2011).

  16. Ferris reply

    These shots are amazing Felix, I love them!!! Great work :)

  17. Dirk Robertson reply

    Great stuff, Felix. “Fish and Tits” I’ve think Ive heard it all now!

  18. faustine reply

    I’m repeat FABULOUS WORK Felix! Sure next year #Glastonbury Festival 2012 will be my next trip <3

  19. bravochild reply

    You crawled into all the crevices, climbed atop all the spires, to capture the perspectives which encapsulate the festival, your photography illuminates, cherishes, inspires.

  20. the candy trail ... | Michael Robert Powell reply

    Awesome work, Felix; really got a feel for the event – well beyond usual the stage/band pics of a festival.

    the candy trail … a nomad across the planet, since 1988

  21. Alison H reply

    Wow, & Absolutely excellent as always Felix, the best, vwd!! :)

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