A little while back I shot the cover & editorial for Masters of Aesthetics Magazine in Beverly Hills, CA.

It was pretty amazing to have access to the top cosmetic professionals on earth, Garth Fisher, Robert Maloney, Kourosh Maddahi, Eve Michaels, these guys have been the innovators in all sorts of plastic surgery and life-changing procedures. They have pioneered LASIK eye surgery, restorative and non-cosmetic plastic surgery and have helped countless people regain their confidence. These guys are highly regarded in their field of Aesthetics and getting them all together in one room with enough time to shoot all of this was a minor miracle.

But the guys at Studio III made it happen and we managed to achieve our simple-yet-classic editorial.

The video gives you an idea of how we shot it and how we achieved that classic look. If you look closely at the images below you’ll see I even had to change my shirt because of video moire.

It’s always interesting to shoot on these bigger sets. I was doing lots of direction. So much so that I made a collage of me directing stuff just from the small number of set stills by Adam Daniells:

Special thanks to Stylist Callan Stokes, Video man extraordinaire Gall Friedman, Hair by Jasmine Dernehl, Make-up by Mariah Nicole; Matt, Adam, Zach and everyone at Studio III; Assistants James, Matlock & Kyle; Tara for providing food and everyone else involved.

All photos © Adam Daniells


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  1. Michelle Cambell reply

    I’ve just discovered your website & I love your work. Thank you for sharing these behind the scenes images. Will enjoy following your posts.

  2. Ivy reply

    Wow, huge team for your shoot. It makes it seem impossible for someone who shoots by themselves or with one assistant.
    Lovely images.

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