A few months ago I ¬†shot publicity photographs of Matt James Thomas, the British lead of the new rock musical, Spiderman on Broadway ‘Turn off the dark’. He’s the alternate lead, which means he doesn’t lead all shows but he isn’t an understudy, he is the lead in several shows a week along with the main lead, Reeve Carney.

Shot on a rooftop and other locations around Manhattan, the images are now a title feature in M Magazine, a nifty online magazine chronicling all things London theatre. The images are now also represented by my celebrity portraiture licensing and syndication agent Contour.

See the feature below and read the rest of the magazine here.

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  1. Shani Kanhai reply

    Matt, is definitely talented and will make an awesome English SpiderMan!!! What a shame I live in Australia!!! Anyway I hope Matt becomes successful.

  2. Alyssa reply

    Matt and Reeve are both good Broadway actors and are perfect for the role of Spiderman. Each has a distinct style in acting but both are good looking, no argument on that.how to draw Spiderman

  3. Ferris Stith reply

    These are amazing Felix! So well done :)

  4. Lucy reply

    Excellent shots Felix, and many thanx for posting them up on here – I did wonder if anything would be said regarding Matt – a really lovely guy and so talented too, I really hope spiderman gets to come to London with Matt as the leading actor :)

  5. Oscar reply

    Great work Felix!

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