I took the plunge. I did the deed. I’ve put together a studio. And I’m ready to photograph you in it.

About 10 days ago, I decided that there was a better place for my equipment than to gather dust beneath the stairs.

Things came together pretty quickly, and yesterday I shook hands on the space. I’ll be using it until at least mid October. Located 50 minutes outside of central London, the studio was set up in an old, large, rustic barn, all set on beautiful farmland. It’s a serene spot away from the city, it’s got horses, fields, forest and all sorts of other features. It’s perfect.

The shoots I’ve already used the studio for are still in post production, so instead I called upon my friends/sometime assistants Mia & Raph to pose for me. These are some behind the scenes images (with the end result) to show it off.

I’m excited to have a space that I can use for nothing but creating photos. I will be shooting creative work, publicity stills, the odd headshot and will have some celebrities down for some sittings.

The whole point, of course, is to create beautiful portraiture.

The thing that really makes it special is that I have natural light when I want it. And, I can leave the studio itself in the shot. It doesn’t detract from the image.

I want to explore what can be done in terms of portraiture. I want to get a variety of personalities and really push myself and my subjects to create timeless images.

You can book your shoot now.

Just send me an email via the contact menu or comment below, I’ll get in touch.


  1. Mariela reply

    Hi Felix, I am a fan of your work. Where can I buy the black ball you use to catch the Studio light.


    • admin

      It’s not for sale you’d have to find something that has the same function :)

  2. Jerome reply

    Hi Felix, I just came across your site and I am a fan already! I was wondering where do you get the canvas background? I have been looking for ages for something like that. Thanks

  3. Laura Feeley reply

    Wonderful Felix…. someday, I’ll make back over. I miss my home

  4. Jen Anderson reply

    LOVE…this space. Happy for you!

  5. Adam Haworth reply

    Amazing shots, the second was truly breathtaking. Good work man.

  6. simaen reply

    Utterly amazed. Truly a master. Simaen

  7. Shilpa reply

    Very cool Felix!!!

  8. stacey s reply

    Fabulous space! Congrats!

  9. milind reply

    it is really wonderful work, dear .

  10. the candy trail ... | Michael Robert Powell reply

    Good move Felix – a classic space in a chilled, rural setting, and, only a skip into the big smoke – to get on it.

    the candy trail … a nomad across the planet, since 1988

  11. marta reply

    … and new photographs too!

  12. marta reply

    wonderful felix! your new studio looks fantastic! congratulation!

  13. marie-jo vos reply

    Wow Felix!! Congratulations!!! Your pictures are AWESOME!!!!! ml from mj

  14. John Wood reply

    Very nice Felix – I put this link on Google+

  15. John Rahim reply

    sorry meant “tiny”!

  16. John Rahim reply

    Nice space Felix, don’t forget most of Irving Pen’s photos were taken in a tint space, where is it? Do you need some more lights?

  17. Babsi reply

    Great space. Excited that I got to see it today!

  18. Frazer reply

    Oh, and I need you to shoot me (and cass and me together)

  19. Frazer reply

    Congrats from far afield!

  20. Michelle Rose reply

    Awesome space Felix :)

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