‘Mel, stop walking, the light is gorgeous in this alley’
‘Just get over here and shake your hair back and forth’

‘Do you like this dress?’
‘I know where we’re gonna shoot it, can you open your eyes in the sun?’
‘just count me in’
’1, 2, 3, open up’

‘I love these little side streets’

‘Hair by Melany, Jacket by Felix’

‘Let’s do something fun, not just walking around’
‘Like what?’
‘Where does everyone go at night?’

‘Jump in, we’ve got all these locations written in Chinese for the cab driver, show it to him’
‘Is this place on there?’
‘Yes, I think it’s this squiggle here’

‘Can you see it?’

‘The night market!’
‘It’s more over-stimulating than I imagined’
‘I love it’

‘Can you pose with this horse-thingy?’
‘On it?’
‘Just have fun with it, make it slightly ridiculous’

‘Look at this arcade’
‘Let’s shoot in there, do you think they’ll let us?’
‘Only one way to find out’

‘Can you imagine how much we’d have to pay to rent a location like this?’

‘No-one’s told us off yet, even when we climb on the furniture’

‘Let me play’
‘Dance Melany, dance’
‘Can I just jump instead?’

‘Are you tired?’
‘I think so but I can’t tell’
‘That’s just traveller’s energy, you’ll sleep well tonight’

‘Did you see the stalls selling live snakes’
‘Are they for eating?’
‘I don’t want to think about that. Let’s go, I’m tired’

‘You seriously want me to pose with a juice box?’
‘Just throwing it out there’
‘Just tell them I think it’s ridiculous, tell them I’m ridiculing myself’
‘I’m sure they’ll think that anyway’

‘Is this how it’s going to be? We just shoot every day while we’re on this trip’
‘Taiwan is beautiful outside of the cities, I see no reason to stop’

‘This is so pretty’
‘This place creeps me out’
‘No, it’s beautiful’
‘Wait, are those spider webs?’
‘Oh my, they are everywhere’
‘How do they ever film anything in bamboo forests with this many spiders around’
‘You’re right, it’s creepy, let’s take a picture and run’

‘Do you think we’re going to get rained on in this rainforest?’
‘Good point, but it’s OK, we’re only about an hour away, from the hotel’
‘How reassuring’

‘All I’ve got is this boyfriend shirt’.
‘Let’s make it look like a Nike Ad’
‘I have to run?’


‘Interpret the sign’
‘That’s silly’
‘So you’ll do it?’

‘Antlers; I’m posing behind antlers’
‘It’s weird but look around, this place is funky’

‘This place is funky’

‘And beautiful’

‘But seriously, I can’t go out there again’
‘Why not’
‘Spiders, I can’t stop thinking about spiders’

‘This hotel has a pool, right? Water straight from the mountain’
‘We can go there and stop thinking about spiders – let’s shoot’

‘We could shoot a campaign for this place’
‘Like this?’

‘I think this I’m falling for this place, Taiwan has been good to us, hasn’t it?’
‘I’d never say ‘no’ to coming back’

‘Hair by Melany, Make-up by Melany, Wardrobe by the check-in guy that let me take an extra suitcase…
What are we doing here, Felix?’
‘Being happy’


With thanks to Le Midi Hotel Taiwan & Youth for Human Rights Taiwan
(and the man that gave Melany an extra checked bag)