Shot on location in Brooklyn for C’et Digitale Fotografie magazine in collaboration with European photographer Gabriel Hill

Sarah Oliphant, one of my favourite humans has been painting the amazing backdrops for every top photographer on earth since 1978.

It’s a family affair. On the day of our shoot, Margot happened to have her baby with her. She had recently given birth. I wanted to present her as a goddess juggling work and motherhood, showing both family aspect and the large rental stock of backdrops, which Margot helps to administer.


Violet Oliphant along with her sister Mun (below) represent the future of Oliphant Studio. Violet has been working directly under Sarah and has been painting her own drops at the specific request of clients.


Munmun Oliphant, the cog that makes the wheels turn behind the scenes, one of the key elements of the Oliphant machine.

Another key member of the crew: Jamie Accashian, covered in paint working as part of the creative team, integral to the creation of the most beautiful backdrops on earth.

And rounding out the series, here’s their most important team players:

Buddy the aging Chihuahua with many quirks and his own popular instagram account.

Boo, who loves men and ignores women.

Strider (Sarah says ‘he poses well but he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed’)

All shot on their own pet sized backdrop.

The team (Boo was too cool to pose in this shot)