I’ve just finished shooting my third year at the Roskilde Music Festival. This time it was on assignment from Redferns, which is an agency that’s part of Getty.

I had half decided not to do any more Festivals after getting my fair share of mud flung at me last summer. But Roskilde is always special and I am still drawn to and inspired by the Danish way. There’s just something so drop-dead cool about the Danes. Besides, I like playing a bit of ‘unknown band roulette’. Just pick some bands whose names sound interesting and go photograph them. I think I had heard of M83 before, they were great. I mistakenly though I’d recognize or like something of Bellowhead – I was wrong on both counts. Oh well.

The optimist in me thought that it was going to be a breeze, but as I swiftly find out, even after shooting festivals for years, it’s still, if not more tiring on my over-used feet. Same old story – even the nicest pair of Hunter wellies gets hard to wear after the umpteenth mile walking around the site, running from one music act to the next, trying to find interesting atmosphere in the camp sites and constantly doing my own head in trying to figure out how to ‘capture the essence of Roskilde’.

In the end I just had a good time shot a whole lot and got some fun images. I was sprayed with beer too many times, walked too many miles and felt too much like a stalker. But the press center is great and I connected with old friends, and most importantly got some fun images:

To see the entire set, go here, for 2011′s festival, here

Bubbles during the Bruce Springsteen set

Blowing Bubbles at Odeon - ironically, I think this was before Trash Talk came on. A dichotomy of atmosphere.Dancing by Odeon stage - to The Vaccines - my friend Rob Ball had backstage passes, I had atmosphere. Not sure where I'd rather be.

A wide shot of sunny festival atmosphere

love or lust

people running and happy to go see Bjork

They are being guarded by the man with the flag pole

There's also a lake - I thought it would be a dirty lake with beer bottles everywhere, but it's actually really nice. I almost wanted to swim myself on a hot day

Danish girls sunbathing, everywhere - it's a hard life.

Playing a game of balance and strength - you have to get up on top of the bench without tipping over - I was there for a while and only saw one person get their reward - a Jaegermeister garland. Worth it for the fun, not for the garland



Woohoooooo - this is a shot I waited 48 hours for. I wanted the sun to shine in the background - the first two days were rainy. A great example of visualizing the shot and then executing it.

I found these guys playing with an improvised bat and a beer can. I wanted a slightly different angle but they ran out of beer. Things get bad when you run out of beer!

There was also some rain, not enough to make everyone start to run around naked like last year. Oh well, can't have it good every day.


no caption needed. I knew I had something the moment I pressed the shutter. Poor guy

M83, my personal festival highlight. I bought their album immediately

Janelle Monae fans in the crowd. At the Roskilde Arena stage I always shoot this while walking to the press pit. The security guys don't like it, but hey, what's the harm. We get shepherded around enough, it's almost impossible to resist being as sneaky as possible.

Janelle - she's fast becoming a favorite, she's always got a visually beautiful and energetic show.

Jack White - this 'kid', now solo, just oozes professionalism. A joy to watch - a real artist.

The Roots



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