This has been my 2nd year shooting Roskilde Music Festival 2011 for Getty Images. This time Thorsten Overgaard and I reprised our role of trying to convey the the feeling of the festival. With a slight different line-up and lots and lots of rain, it was as varied as ever.

deadmau5 headlining on day 1. Lots of mice in the crowd.
Roskilde is very very organized. To get into the front you have to queue up for hours. It’s a shambolic form of organization, and somehow it really works.

Arctic Monkeys on the Orange stage (main stage). The stage has quite a history, having been designed originally for the Rolling Stones’ summer tour of 1976.

The crowds always have lots of fun, even if you are all the way at the back. 

The very energetic, theatrical Lykke Li, this year’s Florence + the Machine. 

Take care of each other

And take care of each other they do. This is in front of a pond/trash pit, but somehow they are still having a relaxing time.

This girl was shaving this boy’s head, halfway through the shaver ran out of battery. But it doesn’t matter, no-one will look at him twice at Roskilde.

A dedicated British camper. 

It wouldn’t be a major European rock festival without all the rain. Copenhagen got some of the heaviest rainfall in recorded history and the place I was staying (along with most of my belongings) were flooded in 6 inches of water. Luckily Roskilde didn’t get as much rain, it would have probably caused the cancellation of the Festival.

Protection from the rain.

Singing/Dancing in the rain.

Kissing in the rain

Laughing in the rain.
The Danes, with their slightly less conservative approach to nakedness, enjoy a good bit of streaking in the rain.

The end. See you next year.

For the rest of my Roskilde 2011 images, have a look at the collection on the Getty Images site

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