I attended my 5th Thorsten Overgaard seminar in London over the weekend of 4 Sept 2011. I’ve now attended 2 in London, one in Berlin, one in New York and one in Sweden.

Here’s some of my images from it.

There’s several reasons why I, as a working photographer, keep coming back.

One of the things is that Thorsten has been a mentor of mine for many years and he has so much photography wisdom to give.

He also manages to attract a cool group of people at any seminar. Professional people who want to learn about photography, from all over the world, and usually with their Leica in tow. I’m always shooting with my Nikon but it’s OK.

It’s a weekend of theory, chats, dinner, and most importantly shooting on the street. I don’t shoot on the street enough, and to be pushed into it always creates interesting results.

Thorsten does these all around the world, you can see more info here. I always leave the seminar with renewed inspiration and creative drive.



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