US film maker Tony Armer photographed on location in Palm Habor, FL

This is taking location lighting to a new level. I put one of my Oliphant backdrops¬†up in a field and I used daylight as a basis and then added in my own lighting to ‘kick it’ a little.

So we end up with this clean studio look for these shots of Tony.

With thanks to assistants Hunter Moran & Jessica Ball.

Behind the scenes:




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  1. Robbie Aleman reply

    Hi Felix! Would you mind telling us what camera is in that bottom image? Looks like a medium format. Thanks!

  2. naxic dave reply

    Amazing work man. The technique is flawless

  3. Laura Radford reply

    Amazing!! So many set ups in such a small space!!

  4. Judith reply

    BRAVO !

  5. Cat Clark reply

    Cool shots of what seems to be a cool dude!

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